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13 Digit Mobile Number In India? The Truth

Hey, guys welcome to another article of MIIM series and today will be talking about a report which says that Mobile numbers in India will have 13 digits and this will start on 13 July 2018. So is it true? Will there be 13 Digit Mobile Number In India?

13 Digit Mobile Number In India?13 Digit Mobile Number In India

If you’re unable to remember your 10 digit mobile number and worrying about the new 13 digit number then just relax. Because the news you’ve been got to know about this 13 digit phone number is wrong. There is nothing like 13 digit phone number in India from 13 July, At least not for now. Maybe in near future, this can happen.

Some youtubers or some fake WhatsApp message are misleading us. So what exactly happens? How is this fake news getting viral? Here is the answer.

What Exactly Happened?

Reliance Jio and telecom industry body COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) has officially confirmed that currently there is no plan for 13 digit numbers in India. So you don’t have to worry about your phone number. DoT(Department of Telecommunication) ordered for machine to machine (M2M) numbers. Now, what are M2M numbers?

M2M numbers are the numbers which are used for SIMs in devices like a car, swipe machine, etc. Fun fact is the DoT has ordered the telecom operators for implementation of 13-digit number for M2M communication. So that order was for M2M number implementation, not for your phone number. However, some wrote that your phone number is changing to 13 digit number and from here this news is going viral.

Also, migration of M2M numbers will start from October 1, 2018, and will end in December 2018. So even nowhere is July mentioned but some fake sites for publicity wrote such fake articles. Stay away from such fakes sites and youtube channels.

Hope you guys got to know the truth. Share this article with your friends so that they will also be aware of this fake news. In this MIIM talks, we talks about the fake news, fake people and about brands which can do better, Also, we appreciate Indian brands who does better. Subscribe to the newsletter to get an email for new articles posted here. Thanks For Reading.

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