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Asus Zenfone 5 !! Redmi Note 5 Pro Killer? Comparison

At MWC 2018, Asus unveiled its new zenfone 5 2018 variants and this time these phones come with an affordable price tag. Asus revealed 3 phones which are zenfone 5 lite, zenfone 5  & zenfone 5z. Zenfone 5 is the midrange device with an iPhone X like notch and 19:9 aspect ratio. Let’s see if zenfone 5 2018 killing the redmi note 5 pro.

In India, its price is expected up to 14000 to 15000Rs and redmi note 5 pro is currently available at 14000rs and both the devices come with almost same specifications. So should you wait for zenfone 5 2018 variant in India? Here’s our comparison of these 2 devices Asus zenfone 5 vs redmi note 5 pro.

Asus Zenfone 5 v/Redmi Note 5 Pro:zenfone 5 vs note 5 pro

So we’ll compare both the devices specification according to their specifications.

Design & Display:

Asus zenfone 5 looks similar to the iPhone x which some people would not like while some people will love it. With 6.2 inches full HD+ display, 19:9 aspect ratio and Gorilla glass protection zenfone 5 looks good. However back side of redmi note 5 pro is looking same as the iPhone X but with 6 inches full HD display & 18:9 aspect ratio note 5 pro also looks great.


Both the smartphones have the same processor which is snapdragon 636 with adreno509 GPU. This is the latest processor by Qualcomm. Also, it is more powerful than the Snapdragon 653 processor.


Zenfone 5 is running on the Android 8.0 oreo with ZENUI on the top of Android. But Redmi Note 5 pro running on the old Android 7.0 nougat with MIUI 9 on top. So both the devices have their own skin that why android version doesn’t matter that much. But yeah latest android version is better.


Zenfone 5 and note 5 pro both have dual cameras. 12MP+8MP setup on zenfone 5 whereas 8MP front-facing camera with EIS and 1080p video recording support. On the Note 5 pro, 12MP+5MP setup is given along with the 20MP front-facing camera. The front camera also supports bokeh mode. So both the device can be better at cameras.


Battery capacity on Note 5 pro 4000MAh is higher compared to zenfone 5’s 3300AMh battery. However, both the device supports fast charging. Note 5 pro supports QC 2.0 whereas zenfone 5 supports something like AI fast charging. So these are the basic differences in both the devices. Now let’s see who killed whom?

Asus Zenfone 5 !! Redmi Note 5 Pro Killer?

If we look at the pricing of both the smartphones, we see both the devices are value for money. But what are the main differences make these devices different? The design is one of the major factors which makes these devices different. If you’re looking for a phone which looks like iPhone x  then it makes sense to go for zenfone 5.

Also, there are some sought of small features which are better on zenfone 5 like type C port, android 8.0 oreo, gorilla glass protection. So definitely zenfone 5 makes more sense to buy if it comes at 14000rs. That’s our opinion about these devices. Zenfone 5 2018 will kill note 5 pro if it comes at 14k. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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