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Avneet Kaur Promoting Fake Pages On Her Instagram Account!

Avneet Kaur :

Hey Whats up, guys! Celebrities or accounts having huge followers do promotions of a particular brand and we see it every day on social media. And there’s nothing wrong in doing promotions. However when a big celebrity Avneet Kaur with almost 2 Million followers promotes fake pages, misleading ads then it cant be ignored especially when the same thing did multiple times.

Now if you’re thinking its a tech blog then why I am writing on celebrity, the reason is that she promoted a fake thing related to tech. I think every tech guy would be angry about such fake promotions.

What she promoted?

Before going to know what avneet Kaur promoted, let me tell you her reach on social media. She is an Indian actor and a dancer appeared on some serials and reality shows. On Instagram, she has 1.8M followers. That’s a very huge number and promoting fake page in front of these people is like making them fool. In other words, She’s making her fans fool.

avneet kaur promoting fake pageThe thing she promoted is about the iPhones. Look this screenshot. She uploaded this story on her Instagram account on 21/6/18. Now you cant find this story on her account because of stories disappear after 24 hrs.

Almost everyone who is on social media can spot that this promotion is a fake promotion and is misleading people. But for those who don’t know about such things can order these fake iPhones with the advance 10% payment. Also, you don’t know whether you’ll get that fake iPhone or not.

Now, some people do believe in these types of promotions because it is promoted by a celebrity and he has to believe in it. Do you really think you’ll get iPhone X at 20k? Hmm, maybe avneet Kaur thinks that or for some sake of money she promoted this.

This is not the first time she promoted such things. Before this, she has promoted the same type of content on her account. That time I thought she don’t know if its true or fake but doing same mistake 2nd time is kinda weird. That’s why I’m writing this. Also, I followed her some weeks ago so it may happen that she promoted such things before. I am not sure about that.

Fake Page :

after checking out that fake page, here what I saw…

avneet kaur promotes fake pages

The account is private. 41.6k followers still a private account. That shows its a fake account and makes people fool. I would suggest you guys stay away from such accounts and if you’re following one then unfollow and do report.

That’s all for this post. Hope you guys like this post. Thanks For Reading.

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