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Biased Tech Youtubers In india!! Eg. Sharmaji Technical!! Lets Expose…

Hello, guys welcome to the 3rd article of MIIM Talks. If you don’t know what MIIM talks is then let me tell you first. MIIM Talks is a series on our site where we talk about a particular topic which may be on Indian smartphone brands or Indian tech community. Check out the last post of this series Here.

So today we are talking about a tech YouTuber who have 875k subscribers on youtube and he is making them fool. Let’s expose him In-depth. You may watch his videos on youtube. Sharmaji Technical the first Hindi tech creator on youtube is a biased tech reviewer.

Sharmaji technical exposed

I want to clarify you guys that I’m not talking about paid sponsorships. Because almost every tech youtuber/blogger gets sponsored one day. But sponsorship doesn’t mean that youtuber will talk about only pros of the sponsored device. The review may be sponsored but the youtuber have to tell the cons of the sponsored product as well.

So making sponsored videos is not bad but making reviews where only pros are mentioned is what we called biased reviews. Hope you guys got it. Now let’s talk which reviews are biased on sharmaji’s youtube channel.

Sharmaji Technical: Why Biased?

recently sharmaji uploaded a new video on his channel. That video is Samsung galaxy on 7 prime reviews. And in that video, he only said the pros of that device. Even he doesn’t mention a single con of that device. And you know the worst part about that there’s a giveaway organised on that video and because of the giveaway people are leaving positive comments on that video.

sharmaji technical

Samsung galaxy on 7 prime is the worst smartphone at 13k and it is said by the big YouTubers like ash from c4eTech and Mr Ranjit from geekyranjit. And here our sharmaji did the biased review of that device. Here is my comment on that video. I find that video very worst so that I’m writing about him. But is it the only biased review? he made some other biased reviews of the worst phones from the brands like Panasonic, lava, etc.

I cant tell about all of the biased videos of sharmaji. Just check out his channel. you’ll find more biased reviews.

Biased Tech Youtubers In india

Let me tell you some more wiggles of sharmaji. When Moto X4 launched in India, he posted on his social media handles to boycott Moto x4 because according to him the price of Moto x4 is higher. But guys actual reason for boycotting moto x4 by sharmaji was moto didn’t send him to review unit. This shows how the mentality of that person is! Here is the proof of that and my comment.

There are many more things to talk but I think you got an idea how he’s doing biased reviews and making people fool.

Other Biased Tech Youtubers In India?

But he’s the only biased youtuber in India? Na, there are some more biased tech youtubers and the fun fact is that they all are Hindi tech creators. Pls, don’t get me wrong. All channels are not biased only few of them are biased. Yeah! This is the sad reality.

But the good thing is that people nowadays aware of biased reviews. Those people who are new youtube watchers should be away from the channels like sharmaji technical. Because of giveaways, these people go the channels like this.

A request to you guys, If someone is a viewer of sharmaji then please share this article with them so that they will be aware of that.

That’s all in this article. Do post your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks For Reading & सत्यमेव जयते!!

3 thoughts on “Biased Tech Youtubers In india!! Eg. Sharmaji Technical!! Lets Expose…

  1. Your Daddy says:

    Checkout His Latest Biased Video Of flipKart Billion Power Bank.

    1. admin says:

      I’d watched that video. we cant expect any more from him. What you can do is share this article with those people who are the viewer of sharmaji.

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