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Bicycle Phone Holder: Best Phone holder Under Rs.300

Bicycle Phone Holder:

Hello, guys are you looking for a phone holder which can be easily fitted to your bike or bicycle? here we have the best phone holder for you which is also cheap in terms of price.  This bicycle phone holder is very different from what we generally see in the market. So without wasting any more let’s get into it.

Here are the some of the features of it.

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  • Fits motorcycles, bicycles, and bikes handles between 15-30 mm diameter
  • Silicone jaw grips protect phone edges
  • 360 degree rotating allows adjusting the display to the most convenient position Compatible with devices with width up to 8 Cm. We are talking about width and not the diagonal screen size. (iPhone 6 plus is only 7.78 Cm Wide)
  • Material used it high-quality plastic
  • Can also be used for vlogging

bicycle phone holderThis is a very handy device. The weight of this device is around 100 gram which is ideal to hold. You can use it while riding like to look at the map on phone. Also if you’re a vlogger then you know how useful this device will be! Here is the overview of this phone holder.

Overview Of Phone Holder:

bike phone holder

As you can see in the image, it has 3 parts. First one is the clip which holds your phone. From the inner side, this clip is rubberized so that it’ll not harm to phone. Below the clip, their is a hole where you can connect the 3rd part which is used to hold the handle of the bicycle. 2nd part is a ring which helps in connecting the 1st and 3rd part.

This is the overview and how you can connect it.

This phone holder is available on Amazon for Rs.300 which I think is best for the budget. There are also various holders are available but they are expensive and not that good. There’s no information if it’s made in India. But for the price, it is available you should buy it.

Bicycle Phone Holder: Buy Here

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