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Cobrapost Exposed Paytm! Indian Companies Itself Cheating Indians?

Cobrapost Exposed Paytm :

“Indian company paytm had shared the user’s data with PMO” The news came after the sting operation by the cobrapost. Cobrapost did a sting operation on paytm and thus Cobrapost Exposed Paytm! In this post, will let you guys know what exactly happened and how paytm has been exposed.cobrapost exposed paytm cheater indian companies

Some months ago, a sting operation has been done by the cobrapost. This operation was known as cobrapost operation 136 Part 1. In part 1, they exposed some media houses like India TV, Scoopwhoop, etc. Cobrapost asked these media houses if they could spread propaganda about Hinduism for money. However, most of these media houses agreed for the same.  So this is about the part 1 of the sting operation.

2 days ago, cobrapost revealed part 2 of the operation 136. This time they exposed big media channels and houses like Zee TV, Hindustan times, ABP news, etc. Also, they did expose paytm by the sting operation and you could see all the videos of the sting operation on their youtube channel. So this is what exactly happened.

So now we gonna talk about the sting operation on the Paytm. First of all, do watch this video so that you’ll have a better idea about paytm and their political interest.

As you saw in the video, Ajay Shekhar, brother of the founder of paytm has told: ” We gave user’s information to the PMO office”. So paytm may leak the data of 20 crore paytm users. We don’t know if they leaked all data of 20 crore users or some. However, we cant do anything about it because there’s no policy about the data leak in India. So, first of all, we need to make such policies in India. So, guys, that’s how paytm has been exposed by the cobrapost.

Indian Companies Itself Cheating Indians?

Now the question that comes here is Indian companies are cheating on us. This is not the only company, I’ve already written an article about some other Indian comapnies which are making us fool. Read that Here.

We should shame on us and our companies. I think that’s the reason why there are not very big companies in India. Because our brands don’t know how to give value to their own people(Indians). many of our companies have relations with political parties and politicians. Paytm is one of that type of company. But it’s not the only one. almost all the Indian companies have political relations. These companies cheating Indians and been the dog of political parties.

That’s it for this post. On our blog, we do talk about the Indian companies, make in India and about some devices. Hope you guys liked this article and if you do then definitely share this one with your friend and family. Thanks For Reading.


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