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Doogee Mix 4 : The Future Phone? Launch Date & Price !!

Doogee Mix 4 :

Doogee is a Chinese brand but despite a Chinese brand doogee doing very good at making the bezel-less phone. And the upcoming doogee mix 4 will be a bezel-less smartphone like vivo apex. Recently a youtuber Arun maini did the unboxing of the prototype of doogee mix 4. That prototype was almost a bezel-less smartphone. However, that prototype was working on a sliding mechanism. Let’s talk more about this smartphone.

Doogee mix was fully inspired by Mi mix and was company’s first smartphone. But now doogee is gonna make a smartphone which will be bezel-less and not the copy of any other phone. That bezel-less smartphone would be Doogee mix 4 which will be the successor of doogee mix 3.  However doogee mix 3 is not yet been launched. All we are talking about some leaked live photos of doogee mix 4 and the unboxing of the prototype of this smartphone.

Doogee Mix 4  

These are the photos of doogee mix 4 and in the 1st image, you could see the sliding mechanism. For taking selfies or calling you would need to slide the phone. After sliding backside, we could see selfie camera, sensors and call mic. On the back side, there is a dual camera setup can be seen.

The whole front side of this phone is the display. On the bottom of the display, there’s a fingerprint scanner symbol. That shows that it will be having “under the display” fingerprint scanner. Meanwhile, we’re seeing a modern design, bezel-less display, “under the display” fingerprint scanner and many more. And all of this features will make it the future phone.

Pricing & Launch Date of Doogee Mix 4 :

It’s really a desperate question about its pricing and launch date. But if we’re looking at the doogee mix and mix 2, these are mid-range smartphones. So the Doogee Mix 4 will also be a mid-range to the premium segment smartphone. It may cost 300$. So it would be an awesome smartphone if comes at this price range. But for that, we have to first wait for doogee mix 3.  Doogee mix 4 can be launch at the end of 2018! We have to see if Samsung launches their bezel-less phone before doogee.

The competition for the bezel-less smartphone is going on. Vivo is also in the race. Wait and watch.

That’s all for this post. Hope you guys like this. Thanks For Reading!

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