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Edit Option On Twitter!! Alternative Option Which Twitter Should Provide

Twitter Edit Feature:

Hey, guys, do you use twitter? If you use twitter then you might have wished for edit tweet option as sometimes we do lots of spelling mistakes. After a lot of requests, Twitter still hasn’t added that edit option. It may be because there are lots of trollers and fake account on twitter which could misuse this feature.twitter edit option

So is there any alternative option which Twitter should provide? Yes, there is an alternative which Twitter could use. Also, that alternative option is my imagination but twitter developers can make this feature available. let’s talk about what Twitter can do if they don’t want to give edit tweet option.

Alternative To Edit Tweet Feature :

So what I thought is twitter developers can give the edit option by restricting it to some extent. By restricting edit option means we shouldn’t have full control over editing the tweet. But should edit the spelling mistakes in the tweet. So, editing full tweet or some sentence of it shouldn’t be allowed but the spelling mistakes in the tweet should be corrected. Most of the people do spelling mistakes so it would be a big relief for the people like me who does lots of spelling mistakes.

Here I have an example of this feature. Let’s suppose I tweeted following sentences.

“I love songs and the latast song I’m listening is all the stars”

Let’s suppose the above sentence is a tweet. As you can see there is a spelling mistake in “latast”. So Twitter should give an option to correct the spelling mistakes without changing the whole sentence. Hope you guys got it.

Twitter developers may call this option “Edit words” or simply “edit tweet”. That’s what I had thought about twitters edit option. Some weeks ago I had tweeted this thought and tagged official twitter account of Twitter developers. 

Hope you guys like this article and find this idea good and if you do then tweet this article and tag twitter. Also, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks For reading.



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