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Flipkart Billion Power Banks V/S Mi Power Bank 2i?

Flipkart’s Billion brand who recently launched the billion capture plus has now launched their new product in the Indian market. Flipkart launched power banks having the capacity of 1000Mah & 15000Mah. These billion power banks are priced at Rs.799 & Rs.999. Also, these power banks launched to tackle against xiaomi’s Mi power banks. Will also be comparing both Billion power banks and Mi power banks. First of all, let’s see the features of both Flipkart and Mi power banks.

Flipkart Billion Power Banks:

The capacity of billion branded power banks is 10000Mah & 15000Mah having the price of 799 & 999 Indian Rupees. these power banks come with A+ grade lithium-ion batteries. Billion power banks have the output of 5V/2.1A. So it means that these power banks don’t support fast charging which is an annoying thing in 2018.

1000Mah power bank has 3 USB ports while 15000Mah has only 2 USB ports. The power banks also support an LED torch and come with a battery-level indicator. According to Flipkart, these power banks come with seven-way safety features, with under-voltage and over-voltage protection and built-in temperature protection and also short-circuit protection.

Flipkart billion power banks come with 1-year doorstep warranty. So that’s a pretty good thing for a new brand like Billion.

Mi Power Banks 2i:

Recently Xiaomi launched 2 power banks in India. These power banks are named as Mi power banks 2i and come with 10000mah and 20000mah battery capacity. Price of these mi power banks is 799 and 1499 Indian rupees. As compared to Flipkart’s power banks, these devices support quick charging that a pretty well thing.

10000Mah power bank sports quick charge 2.0 while 20000Amh power bank sports quick charging 3.0. Both the power banks have 2 USB ports. Also, xiaomi marketed these devices as made in India products. However, these are just assembled in India.

But these Mi power bank 2i really value for money products. Now let me tell you which one should you buy.

Flipkart Billion Power Banks V/S Mi Power Bank 2i

Flipkart Billion Power Banks V/S Mi Power Bank 2i:

If we look at specifications then Mi power banks 2i has better specification as compared to Billion power banks. So, this is the verdict? No, It’s depending on your budget. Both the power banks are better if we look at the price.

If you have the budget of Rs.800 then definitely go for 10000MAh Mi power bank 2i. Don’t go for 10000Mah Flipkart billion power bank as it lacks the quick charging while both the power banks have the same price.

Other variants are good for their price point. 15000Mah billion power bank is best @Rs.999 & 20000MAh Mi power bank is best @Rs.1499. And this is the final verdict of this article.

You can buy These power banks Here.

Mi Power Banks: BUY HERE

Flipkart Billion Power Banks: BUY HERE

Hope you guys find this article helpful! Thanks for Reading.

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