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Gadget Carry Bag : Tizum Gadget Organiser Bag

Hey, guys, do you need a gadget carry bag i.e. a small bag in which you can carry your gadgets? Here we have the gadget organizer bag which comes from the company named Tizum. You can carry some small gadgets like data cable, pen drives, etc. This can be the best gadget organizer bag for you. So let’s have a look at features of this organizer bag.

Features Of Gadget Organiser Bag:

Its weight is about 192 grams so you can carry it while travelling. This gadget organizer is made of heavy-duty, soft synthetic lycra material and the inner layer is Parashute Grade Nylon. So this material to very rugged to protect the items/gadgets under the bag. This tool is also shockproof and water resistant.

Gadget Carry Bag

gadget organizer bag

Under this gadget carry bag, you can hold gadget accessories like USB data cable, Charger, Small power bank, Pendrives/memory card and also some other small accessories. There are 2 compartments on this device where you can place different gadgets. In addition, you can also store credit cards and thing like this. There is a zig provided to open this bag.

Overall it’s a hard device where you can store your gadgets/accessories and carry it while travelling. here are the pricing and availability of this gadget/accessories carry bag.

Price & Availability Of Gadget Carry Bag:

Its available with different colours and patterns on the Amazon India for Rs899. This one comes from a company named tizum but there are so many devices like this are available. This gadget organizer has the highest rating among all. Here you can buy it.

Tizum Gadget Organiser Bag: BUY HERE

Just go for it if you seriously need a device where you can store your small gadget accessories and can carry with you everywhere without any problem.

Hope this will help you. Thanks For Reading.


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