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Is Your Phone Made In India? The Truth Behind Made In India Phones!

Made In India :

When brands launch their new phones in India they say that it is a made in India product. Did you ever try to find out if its true? Today lets unveil the truth behind these phones and brands. In this MIIM talks series, we talk about thing related to “make in India” and things related to it.truth of made in india phones

We would truly appreciate if a brand makes a phone completely made in India. Our blog’s motive is to praise brands which are doing better for India irrespective of the country they belong to.

The Truth Behind Made In India Phones :

The truth is that all brands transport phone parts from China or other countries to India. Since the transport tax is low in India, manufacturers do get a significant profit. Another case is that sometimes smartphone brands purchase small parts of the phones from local manufacturers so the local manufacturers do get profit.

So almost all the parts of a smartphone are made in China or other country but brands promote these assembled phones as made in India phones. That’s nor fair enough. They should clearly mention that it is assembled in India.  That’s what happening with smartphones in India. The government should make a policy about it so that brand won’t misuse that.

Meanwhile, assembling smartphones in India is profitable for the economy of India. Assembling phones in India produce a lot of employment. That’s why the government has reduced the transport tax in India.

How To Make In India?

Now if the brands really want to make a phone purely made in India, they would need processors which should be made in India. A processor is the main component of a phone. So we brands started manufacturing processors in India, it would be a great achievement towards making a made in India phone. Mobile processor manufacturers like Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek should take a step further to start a plant in India.

Also, our local brands like Micromax, Intex & lava should collab for setting up plants. Well, that’s what we could say but it depends on Indian brands. Sadly they never did in support of the Indians. Here’s an article on these Indian brands.

It is possible to make a smartphone truly made in India but for that brands has to be ready. That’s our article on this topic. Hope you guys liked it. Thanks For Reading.


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