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Jio Laptop / Jio Desktop! Qualcomm powered Jio Laptop/Desktop To Come

Jio Laptop / Jio Desktop :

Hey, are you excited about jio laptop? Some months ago a fake news was going viral according to which jio laptop will come. But now the strong rumours are coming that the jio laptop or Pc desktops are coming. So jio is in talks with Qualcomm for Qualcomm powered jio desktop or laptops. We already have seen the Qualcomm powered laptops. So is jio trying to make cheap priced laptops or desktops? Let’s see…

jio desktop

Before this jio has already used the Qualcomm processor in the jio phone. So it makes sense that jio can again contact Qualcomm for laptop make. Also, it is not confirmed if jio is planning to launch laptops. They may launch PC desktops. These desktops will be always connected. Using mobile chipsets in computers can be a bit performance decreasing but overall it’ll cost cutting.

Jio is currently talking with Qualcomm about this but it isn’t confirmed yet. Maybe jio wants to provide cheap laptops and desktops like jio phone. Some photos of this laptop have been already leaked but most probably they’re fake because jio is still in talks with Qualcomm. Now the question comes here is if the laptop/desktop will be made in India?

Jio Laptop Made In India?

After dealing with Qualcomm, jio will have 2 options. Contacting Chinese OEM for making laptops or atlest assembling it in India. And that’s what about our blog is! We would say its very hard to make 100% make in India laptop. But jio should assemble these laptops in India. Assembling jio laptops in India will provide jobs to a lot of workers. jio laptop

So yeah assembling laptops in India would be a good solution. But let’s see if it happens.

Price Of Jio Laptop:

Since jio has already unveiled the cheap plans and cheap priced jio phone, we also hope that these jio laptops will also be cheap. Also, since it’ll be Qualcomm powered laptops, it’ll cost less compared to a traditional Intel or AMD powered laptop. But performance will also be a decrease a bit on these laptops.

Now if jio is not planning to bring laptops then it would be always connected PC desktops. These always connected PC desktops will also be powered by Qualcomm cheaps. Since its mobile cheaps, the power consumption will be a lot less compared to traditional PC.

Conclusion :

Jio has already made us digital by their cheap plans. Now, if jio plans to bring laptops and desktops in India then it would be cheap and one more step towards digital India. So we appreciate what jio is doing! Let’s wait for the jio laptops or desktops.

Hope you guys find it helpful. Thanks For Reading.


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