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Justice League Vs Avengers Infinity War : Best Superhero Movie?

Justice League Vs Avengers Infinity War :

If you’re a superhero movie fan then 99.9% you have watched marvel movies or DC movies. Both Marvel and DC make Superhero movies and the main movie of these company is Avengers & Justice League. In 2017 DC had released its first justice league movie however in 2012 Marvel had launched its first avenger’s edition “The Avengers”. Some days ago, I watched “Avengers Infinity war” and yesterday I watched justice league. So in this article will be discussing Justice League Vs Avengers Infinity War Movie. Will also give my opinion on Which one of these movies is best superhero movie?  So let’s get started.

 Best Superhero Movie


DIfferences In Marvel & DC :

Since both of these movies are superhero movies, we expect action, thrill, and a lot of superpowers from the characters. However, Marvel has the most number of superhero characters whereas in DC only a few superheroes. Avengers includes Captain America, Spiderman, iron man, Thor, Hulk, black widow, etc. Justice league has superman, batman, wonder woman, flash, etc. If we compare the powers and number of superheroes then Avengers win.

Marvel had made a separate for each superhero and then in Avengers all the characters save the world. Whereas DC haven’t made movies of each of the character. They make movies for only important characters like superman, wonder woman and Batman. And that’s the thing which makes avengers a superior movie than justice league. All the characters of Avengers have a different story and that gives importance to the characters. However, there are only some characters of Avengers on which a movie haven’t made they have been shown in other Marvel movies.

Another thing which makes avenger a superior movie series is that their first movie was released in 2012. Whereas justice leagues’ first movie was released in 2017 and we don’t know when the 2nd part will come. 1st serve and 1st earn are one of the main factors and marvel had successfully served first.

People like Avengers is not only because of their characters but also because of the production quality, VFX effects and dubbing. On the other side, DC haven’t as great VFX effect as Avengers and same goes for other 2 factors.

So, guys, these were the differences in Marvel and DC (Avengers vs justice league). Now let me give my opinion these movies. 

Opinion On Justice League & Avengers Infinity War :

So, guys, clearly avengers infinity war is a clear winner. Infinity war has a great story, great action, great VFX effects, great dubbing, etc. Whereas justice leagues do not a good story, No great enemy, Not as good action as infinity war. I would suggest you should not watch justice league because it just only deals with an average story and average production. Watching infinity war really makes sense.

Still, if you’re a superhero movie fan then I would say you could watch justice league but I know very rare chances that you would like that movie. So that’s it for this article. Hope you guys liked it. Thanks for reading and if you have some suggestions and thoughts then do comment them down.

Best Superhero Movie?

In my personal experience Avengers infinity war is the best superhero movie. You should watch that movie.


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