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Lenovo Z5 Specifications & Launch Date!! Bezelless, 4TB & 45 Days Standby

Lenovo Z5 :

It’s been a long time we saw a smartphone by Lenovo brand name after the Lenovo K8 Note and K8 Plus! Now we’re getting rumours about the new Lenovo z5 which could be launch soon. However, the rumours coming are looking like it cant be happening.  There are three main rumours like 95% STB ratio i.e. Bezel-less display, 4TB Storage & 45 Days standby time. When we heard such specifications from a company which is not launching phones regularly under their own brand name, We shocked somehow. Let’s talk more. lenovo z5 specifications and launch date

Lenovo Z5 Specifications :

First of all, we’ll talk about the things revealed by Lenovo itself. According to Company’s vice president, Lenovo z5 will be having a bezel-less display ( 95% Screen to body ratio). Till now no phone has a screen to body ratio of 95%. So if Lenovo comes with such a Display, then it’ll gonna hit the market. Also, it seems good that Lenovo is not going with the notch like what other brands are doing. So it could have a new fresh design.

Next specification revealed by the company is that z5 will come with 4TB internal storage. We haven’t seen such a massive internal storage in any phone. But Lenovo was thanking some technologies which help them achieving such storage in a phone. According to Chang Cheng, VP of Lenovo, Lenovo Z5 with big internal storage will be able to save up to 1 million photos, 2000 HD movies, and 150,000 lossless music files.

Next biggest revealed specification of the device is its battery life. Vice president revealed that it will be having a battery which will give 45 days of standby time. Is it really gonna happen?

These were the three main specifications of the Lenovo z5 smartphone. There are no other specifications like processor & camera revealed by Lenovo. Now let’s talk about the launch date of this device.

Lenovo Z5 Launch Date:

According to the rumours, this Lenovo device could be launch in August this year. However, since its a concept like a phone, we don’t know how much time will it take to get launched. Also, it’s kinda impossible to believe that this phone will come with such specifications. But since these leaks are revealed by the company itself, it could be true. We have to wait for the launch.

Well, we cant talk about the pricing of this device as it is still like a concept phone. Hope you guys like this post about the upcoming Lenovo z5. Thanks For Reading.

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