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New Moto Camera UI Review !! All The Changes In Camera UI !!

New Moto Camera UI Review !!

Hey, guys I just updated all the apps in play store and so Motorola’s camera app also updated. What I saw is the Moto camera UI has been changed. And that’s a long time later the camera user interface has changed. So we’re going to review this new look of moto’s camera. Without wasting time get started.

The Motorola device I’m using is the Moto g5s plus. This smartphone is now old enough and the new Moto G7 plus will arrive soon. So we may also see this new camera UI in G7 plus. Since the moto camera is available on play store, every Motorola smartphone should have been received the new update.

We’ll review it according to the Screen Shots that I’ve taken.

1. After Opening The Camera :

Motorola new camera ui

This is the what you’re going to see after Opening the camera app. On the top, everything is same as the old camera UI. But at the bottom, you will see the capture icon has changed and there’s an extra menu option on the left side. I’d covered the camera that’s why it’s looking dark. Now let’s move to the second screenshot.

2. Left Menu :

Motorola camera ui

After swiping up left or clicking on the left menu button, you would see there are a bunch of camera modes. Photo mode includes portrait, cutout, low light, spot colour, panorama, text scanner. Since g5s plus supports support slow-motion video recording, I could see the slow-mo option. This may not be the case with you since all the Motorola phones don’t support slow-motion video recording.

On the top, there’s setting button so let’s have a look at settings.

3. Settings Section :

As seen in the above screenshots all the setting options are same as the previous camera UI. That’s all about the new camera UI. Now, is it better than previous camera UI?

The answer is yes it is a lot better than the previous camera app. Also, it is a lot easier than the previous one. The Biggest difference I feel is its lot more smooth and that’s the thing that makes it awesome camera app. Well done Motorola!

The final conclusion is that you should update the camera app and enjoy the new look. Hope you guys like this article. Thanks For Reading!

2 thoughts on “New Moto Camera UI Review !! All The Changes In Camera UI !!

  1. Don says:

    Please provide link also sir i want to install in my mobile
    Please provide link of play store and other link also my mobile is not Motorola but i have to try it

    1. admin says:

      Ok! next time I’ll also provide all the links!!

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