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Oneplus 7 Price & Specification!! Oneplus7 Launch Date !!

Oneplus 7, maybe the dream phone for someone. Hey, guys welcome to make in India mobile blog and today lets imagine how the oneplus 7 will be and what will be its price and specifications. But before talking any more about the oneplus 7, let me tell you one thing.

#DreamPhone is new series on our blog and in this series, we’ll imagine how the upcoming flagships from bigger brands will be like! So let’s talk what we should see in oneplus 7 and its price and specifications.

Oneplus 7:

2 months ago oneplus’s latest device oneplus5T with 18:9 display was launched. This month or maybe the next month oneplus 6 will be launch. So oneplus 7 will launch in 2019 after the launch of oneplus 6 & Oneplus 6T.

To imagine Oneplus 7, we have to first see the cons of current oneplus 5T. As a flagship device, oneplus lags the water resistance in their smartphone. So definitely oneplus will bring water resistance in Oneplus7. Well, we don’t know if the oneplus 6 will come with IP rating but it should come with IP rating as almost every flagship has IP rating.

Here are some other features that Oneplus still doesn’t come with:

  • Only Full HD Display
  • Battery still less
  • USB Type C 2.0
  • No OIS (Optical image stabilization)Oneplus 7

So if these features come in Oneplus 7 then definitely that phone can be much better.  But the question here is that the new technology comes with time so in 2019 there will be some new technology that oneplus 7 can lag. That’s why making a perfect phone isn’t that easy. But here we’re talking about dream phone.

If you’re thinking how USB type C can be a con then it is because oneplus uses 2.0 based USB type C. There are 2 variant of type c ports, 2.0 and 3.0 among which 3.0 is latest and oneplus still lags it whereas the pixel 2 has 3.0 based type C port.

Also, lack of OIS is also one of the cons of oneplus devices. Anyways let’s see oneplus 7’s dream specifications.

Oneplus 7 Specifications:

In 2019, oneplus should give quad HD display one the oneplus 7. Also, 19.5:9 aspect ratio on the display would look more beautiful like that iPhone 10. It would be awesome if oneplus use hardware for face unlock as what Apple did on iPhone 10.

This flagship should run on Qualcomm’s latest processor which maybe snapdragon 850 OR snapdragon 855. Again there are no leaks about the Snapdragon 855 but hope this would be the latest processor at that time. We’ve seen a 6gb ram with 64gb of storage on Oneplus 5T. But on oneplus 7, 6gb ram should be combined with 128gb of storage or maybe oneplus will launch 8gb ram as the base variant. Well, there is no need of 10GB ram in a phone. But hey this is oneplus so we may see 10GB ram on the higher-end variant of Oneplus 7. So that’s about the hardware part.

In the software part, it may run on latest upcoming android i.e. Android P which is unknown till now. Oneplus’s UI is same as that of stock android and yeh most of the users love that UI. Currently, Oneplus lags the OIS(optical image stabilization) on their cameras and we hope we’ll see a more impressive camera on oneplus 7 with OIS. Can we see more than 2 cameras on that device? It’s possible.

Also, it would be fantastic if it comes with under display fingerprint scanner.

There is not water resistance in any of the oneplus phones. But if oneplus calling their smartphones flagship then they should include IP rating. We may also see the water resistance in oneplus 6 but if it doesn’t come with oneplus 6 then it should be in Oneplus 7.

3300mah battery is kinda less on a high-end device. Even pixel 2xl comes with 3500mah battery. Can oneplus fit a 4000Mah battery in their phones? Again, they can do that with the oneplus 7. Talking about dash charging, it is super fast but for a 4000Mah oneplus should increase the charging speed with their dash charger. So these are the possible specifications with oneplus 7 should come. Now let’s imagine its price.

Oneplus7 Price:

Oneplus 5T’s price is 33000rs and 38000rs and oneplus 5T deserves that price. We have to see what would be the price of oneplus 6 and then we can imagine the price of oneplus 7. But I think oneplus 7’s price will not cross the 40000rs. So that’s about the pricing.

If the specifications and price mentioned above come with oneplus 7 then definitely it would be the dream phone for most of us.

Oneplus7 Launch Date :

Since the oneplus 6 is not launched yet, we have to wait for the oneplus 6 launch date. Then after we can think about oneplus 7 launch date. But it may be launch in 2019.

Hope you guys like this article and thanks for Reading.

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