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Redmi 5A V/S 10.or E !! Which One Should You Choose?

Recently launched redmi 5A is a budget device available @5000rs and on the other side, we have Tenor E(10.or E) which is also a budget smartphone with some decent features. If you’re looking for a budget smartphone then these 2 phones can make you happy. But which one is better from Redmi 5A & 10.or E? let’s compare specifications and price of these phones.

Redmi 5A V/S 10.or E:Redmi 5A V/S 10.or E

Redmi 5A is available at Flipkart for 5000Rs which is a super cheap price if you look at the specifications. Tenor E is available on Amazon for the price of 6000rs which earlier was 8000rs. there is a difference of 1000rs in both the devices. So does 1k make any big difference? Let’s see…


10.or E has a 5.5 inch full HD display with gorilla glass 3 protection whereas redmi 5a just has a 5 inch 720p HD display. Also, it doesn’t have any protection on the display. So clearly tenor e is the winner in the display.


In the hardware segment, redmi 4a and tenor e both come with Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. However, Tenor E has snapdragon 430 processor which better than the Snapdragon 425 used in redmi 5a. Also, 10.or e has 2gb ram along with 32gb internal memory whereas redmi 4a only have 2gb ram with 16gb memory.


Both the phones running on android nougat 7 where tenor e has pure stock android. redmi 5a runs on MIUI 9. Now its depend on the type of user to choose a stock android or heavy skin like MIUI 9 which will hang sometime.


Both of these devices have a 13mp rear camera and 5mp front-facing shooter. Without using the phone we cant say anything about which camera is better.


Battery life is one of the things in budget devices for which users choose budget phones. In this segment, the tenor has big battery capacity with 4000Mah battery capacity whereas redmi 5a has 3000MAh battery capacity. Battey life of both the devices can be same as redmi 5a have snapdragon 425 processor which doesn’t use that much battery compared to Snapdragon 430.


Tenor E priced 1000rs more than redmi 5a but for extra 1k you would get a better display, better processor, good battery and stock android if you like it. But if you cant add extra 1000rs then redmi 5a is perfect for you. With smaller display and decent specifications, redmi 5a can be a much better device for those who’re using a smartphone for the 1st time or don’t want to pay more for a smartphone.

If you are a student then Tenor E can be a good deal for you. Since 10.or is a new company, we have to wait if it continues to launch value for money phones.

Redmi 5A: BUY HERE


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