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Redmi Note 5 Going To Be Launch In India On 14th February

Redmi Note 5 Going To Be Launch In India On 14th February:

Tech enthusiasts were waiting for the Redmi Note 5 and here according to a leak Redmi Note 5 is launching on 14th February in India. However, it isn’t officially confirmed by xiaomi. Xiamoi may launch Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus. They have sent media to invite for the launch on 24th February. Also on their official website, there is a countdown is been showing. Redmi note 5 launch date 14 february

On the Mi.com, subdirectory titled ‘redminote5’ in javascript has been spotted. In that code ‘all-rounder’ for the phone, is also been spotted. And this phrase had used for Redmi Note 4.So that’s how it is expected that the xiaomi will launch Redmi Note 5 on 14th Feb. But it isn’t the only reason for expecting redmi Note 5. On Flipkart where already redmi Note 4 was selling, spotted  ‘redminote5’ in website javascript. 

Here we have another proof. When we searched for “Redmi Note 5 covers” on Flipkart, here what we got to see. Redmi Note 5 Going To Be Launch In India On 14th February

We found some covers and cases on the site. However after 2 hours while searching redmi note 5 covers we haven’t found the covers for Redmi note 5. So Flipkart has removed all the listing of covers and cases for Redmi note 5.

All of these proofs are sufficient to expect redmi note 5 on 14th of February. So guys just hold on for few days, we will see the new redmi device in India.

There’s a thing which kinda weird. Xiaomi launches their product first in China then why they’re launching Redmi note 5 first in India? It may happen that by seeing the last years success of Redmi Note 4 in India, they’ve decided to first launch this device in India. There are many reasons by which xiaomi can first launch it in India.

If you saw the above Screenshot carefully, you may have noticed that single camera on the back. Does it means Redmi note 5 will come with the single camera? If you want to know more about the leaked specifications of redmi note 5 the checkout this article.

So guys that it for this article. Hope you guys find this article helpful. Thanks for reading and just wait for some days, The killer redmi is coming.

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