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Redmi Note 5 : Budget King? Leaks & Launch Date

1 year ago xiaomi had introduced us Redmi Note 4 which was a killer device at that price. Also, Redmi note 4 took xiaomi to India’s most selling smartphone company. The success of Redmi note 4 is its cheap price and specifications. But now what? When will the successor of redmi note 4 i.e. Redmi Note 5 will come? Let’s have some rumours about Redmi note 5 and its launch date.

Leaked Specifications Of Redmi Note 5:

Redmi 5 which was launched recently came with 18:9 aspect ratio. So it is almost confirmed that Redmi note 5 will also come with 18:9 aspect ratio and maybe 6-inch full HD display. It will be made of metal. Hope we’ll see better build quality than RN4.

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Hardware, Camera & Other Leaks:

In the hardware department, we may see Snapdragon 632 processor which is not revealed by Qualcomm. There are also some leaks suggesting it would come with old Snapdragon 625. This time xiaomi can launch it in only 2 memory options 3gb/32gb & 4gb/64gb. Leaks are suggesting Redmi note 5 will come with android Oreo 8.0 which is the latest version. But it’ll be covered by MiUI9. It’ll be awesome to see if Redmi note 5 comes with stock android like Mi A1.

In the camera department, we can see 12MP primary camera and 5MP front-facing camera. We know, xiaomi’s camera is not that good especially the selfie camera. So xiaomi should improve the back as well as front camera of Redmi Note 5. Unfortunately, there are very few leaks which say it’ll come with dual camera combination.

Leaks suggest battery will be same as RN4 which is 4000Mah. Xiaomi doesn’t provide fast charging in its budget devices so we have wait for it. As always, xiaomi provides almost all sensors in their budget phone so all the sensors will be present.

Redmi Note 5 will be made in India?

No, it will not be made in India. Yes, xiaomi will assemble it in India and will stick a sticker on the box “made in India”. So guys don’t get confused, xiaomi don’t make their phones in India. Now the final question is when will it be launch. So here’s the answer.

Launch Date :

What xiaomi does is xiaomi launch its phones first in China and then after 1 month their phones come in India. But this time, they may launch it same for India. Because last year they had launched RN4 in January on China. So this time they may launch it until March. Once Qualcomm unveils it’s Snapdragon 632, you can soon see redmi note 5 on the market.

So guys hold on Redmi Note 5 is coming…

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