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Samsung S9 Plus Release Date & Leaked Specifications

Samsung S9 Plus Leaked Specifications :

Hey guys waiting for Samsung s9 plus? Let’s talk about Samsung s9 plus release date and some leaked specifications. This s9 plus will launch along with regular s9. So there will be screen size and battery difference in these devices but other specifications will be same.

s8 and s8 plus came with a 5.8 inch and 6.2-inch display so these time we can see a change in the display size. But the build quality can be much better than the previous s8. The most irritating thing with s8 was the fingerprint scanner placement so we are hoping this time they will place it on the camera.

In the camera department, we can see a big improvement. It can come with a f/1.5 aperture on primary and on secondary it can be f/2.4. But still, we have to wait for checking if its camera better than pixel 2. Talking about the front camera, it may be the same 8MP which can capture decent selfies. According to a report, these cameras will support iris-scanning, improved autofocus & super-slow-motion video recording as well. Samsung S9 Plus Release Date

In the hardware definitely, it will come with Snapdragon 845 and Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 for the different markets. In India, we can see Exynos 9810 variant. Some rumours are saying that it’ll only have 4gb of ram along with 64 OR 128GB memory option. With the latest android oreo, it’ll have Samsung’s own experience UI. How can we forget bixby? Bixby will be there but have to see if it can’t be disabled.

Leaks saying that this phone will come with the similar battery combination as last years i.e. s9 will have 3000Mah & s9+ with 3500Mah of a battery. It’ll be awesome if it comes with Quick Charge 4.0. Quick charge 3.0 is now old. Hope will see this technology.

So now the question is when will it launch?

Samsung S9 Plus Release Date :

Samsung galaxy s9 plus will launch on MWC 2018 which is held in February this year. This statement is officially confirmed by Samsung. So guys wait for at least 1 month to know what Samsung will do this time.

There are not that many leaks about pricing but if I can guess then the regular s9 should cost around 60000 to 65000Rs whereas the s9+ should be below the 72000Rs pricing mark. Let’s see if there’s a magic happens and the pricing will much lower than we expecting.

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