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Top 5 Gadgets Under 50₹ Available In India

Top 5 Gadgets Under 50₹

Hey, guys have you ever thought what gadget can you get under 50₹ in India? Well, if you shop offline then you may have seen some gadgets, accessories for your smartphone under 50₹. If you prefer online shopping then you can shop for these items or you may see these items in offline store for lesser price. Here are 5 Gadgets Under 50₹ that you can buy in India.

1. Finger Ring Stand Holder:

This is the device which you can use to hold your smartphone with your finger. There are various types of such devices are available on Amazon but this one is the cheapest one. You can stick it to the back of your phone. After detaching from the phone there will be No sticky residual. It comes in 3 colours i.e. pink, gold and silver. Personally, I liked the silver. it is exactly priced at 50₹.

BUY HERE Finger Ring Stand Holder

2. OTG Adapter:

OTG is the device which is used for transferring or accessing data from pen drives. So it can be the gadget you would like to buy in India. On Amazon India, its price varies from 50Rs to 100Rs but if you go offline store then you may buy it under 50₹. If you get it online then you would get Get 1-month seller warranty. But buying it from the offline store makes more sense.


3. Flexible USB LED Light Image result for usb light

This USB Led light jus costs 50Rs and available on eBay. You can use it as a lamp on the night while studying and doing some work on the laptop. It can be connected to laptops having a USB port, power banks and also to your smartphone with the help of OTG cable. So yeah this one is also a decent gadget that you can get for 50Rs. BUY HERE

4. NFC Keychain TagsRFID-IC-Keyfobs-Key-Tags-Token-NFC-TAG-Keychain-13-56MHz-for-Arduino

NFC tags are those which can be used to doing small kinds of stuff on your smartphone by just tapping your phone to NFC tags. There are types of NFC tags but this one is a keychain tag. You can use this tag as a keychain as well. For this device your smartphone must support for NFC. This one is also available on eBay for the same price. It comes with eBay guarantee. BUY HERE


USB fan is a device which again can be used on laptop, power bank and on your phone with help of OTG. It’s summer season so you may need this device when you’re outside. It can be easily carried out with you. On Amazon India, I saw it priced around 50rs but its price keeps changing. So you have check this product page to get it for a lesser price. Otherwise, you could found this device in the offline store. BUY HERE

So guys that my pick for gadgets under 50rs. comment down your favourite gadgets among the following gadgets. Hope you guys like this article and find it helpful. Thanks for reading.

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