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Top Phones Available In India 2018! Best In Budget

Top Phones :

Hello, guys are you looking for a phone which is best for your budget? Every smartphone has a value at a given price point. So according to your budget, which would be top phone for you? These smartphones have best possible specifications. Here were suggesting top phones which are best in the budget and are available in India. So let’s get started.top phones best in budget

We’ll count these phones from lowest price up to 40k. 40k is the price where you get the best possible phone and above that only big brands are there. The big brand name does have value and purchasing these high priced phones are depending on the customer that’s why we’re not including them in our list. here’s the list.

1. 10.or D / Redmi 5A :Redmi Mi 5A (Gold, 16GB)

Were starting from the lower budget and then will go up to the 40k. This phone comes priced at 6k. Tenor is the brand after xiaomi who’d launched budget phones with good specifications. This one is better than the xiaomi’s redmi 5A. Currently, tenor hasn’t launched their new product so this brand may leave the market like Leeco. That’s why we’re suggesting to buy redmi 5A either. But if you use tenor D for 1 to 2 years then you could go for it.

Redmi 5A: BUY HERE


2. RealMe 1 :RealMe 1 (Diamond Black, 6+128 GB)

We haven’t covered phones priced at 7k or 8k as there aren’t great smartphones. So if we go ahead we have this RealMe 1 price starting from 9k. At this price, it offers a powerful processor i.e. Helio p60 and this is the speciality of this phone. If you want a device with great performance at a lower price then this is for you. However, this phone lags feature like the dual camera and a fingerprint scanner that’s why we’re recommending 9k variant only. So below 10k, this is the best phone which you can get.

RealMe 1: BUY HERE

3. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 : Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (Grey, 32 GB)

Asus has recently launched the zenfone max pro price starting from 11k. Max pro has literally killed the Redmi Note 5 at this price range. It comes in 2 variants 11k and 13k with 3gb and 4gn ram. We’re recommending you both the variants according to your need. At this price point you’re getting the dual camera, fingerprint scanner and snapdragon 636 which is present on redmi Note 5 Pro. That’s our pick for this price range. This is the best budget phone in India between 10k -15k segment.

Zenfone Max Pro M1: BUY HERE 

4. Redmi Note 5 Pro :Redmi Note 5 Pro (Black, 64 GB)

15k is the price point at which most of the people buy smartphones in India. So xiaomi had launched their new Redmi Nore 5 pro at 14k but have increased the price because of high demand and import duties. Still, you won’t get better smartphone than this at 15k in India. So we would highly recommend you to go for this phone. However, this is only available in flash sales and purchasing it is very hard. Thus, getting it is just like impossible. However, you could try to buy it at Mi Store.

Note 5 Pro: BUY HERE

5. Honor View 10 :

Between 15k to 29k, there are not smartphones which are giving ultimate specifications at that price. Honor view 10 was launched at the time of Oneplus 5T. The reason we’re recommending this one instead of newly launched Honor 10 is that view 10 and honor 10 are almost similar. Except for some improvements and notch, both the phones are same also view 10 is 3k cheaper. So it would be an awesome phone at 30k. Also, this is one of the midrange smartphones which has more than 3500Mah battery. Go for it if your budget is 30k.

Honor View 10: BUY HERE

6. Oneplus 6:

The last phone on our list is the Oneplsus 6 which has been recently launched in India. Continuing the trend of the notch, it packs powerful specifications and camera. From the last years oneplus 5T, the price has increased by 2k. Still it worth buying as it has all the flagship specifications that too at a decent price. Ther are 2 variants of Oneplus 6. 6gb+64gb for 35k & 8gb+128gb for 40k. Both the variants are best at their respective price. So that’s what you could get at 40k.

OnePlus 6: BUY HERE

So, guys, that’s our pick for top smartphones which comes at a great price. Hope you guys like this article and if you do then share this post. Also, comment your favourite phone from this list. Thanks For Reading.









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  1. Suraj says:

    बिल्कुल घटिया आर्टिकल है Nokia 7 प्लस को ऐड नहीं किया वनप्लस ने तुझे शायद पैसे दिए हैं biased hai tu

    1. admin says:

      Nokia 7 plus ki price thodi si high hai isliye add nhi kiya

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