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World’s Cheapest Phone? Detel D1 @₹ 311 {4.89$}

Hello, guys, today will be talking about worlds cheapest phone you can buy. But it is only available in in India. However, this one is not a smartphone and we can’t expect a smartphone at this price. In 2016 a company called Ringing Bells tried to make people fool with their product freedom 251 which wasn’t possible. So we cant thought of a smartphone at this price. But here we have Detel D1. Let’s see its specifications.

Specifications Of World’s Cheapest Phone:

  • 1.44″ Monochrome Displayworld's cheapest phone
  • GSM 2G Network
  • 650 mAh
  • Single Sim
  • Torch Light
  • Speaker
  • Phonebook
  • Vibration Mode
  • 1 Year Warranty

Fron a 311rs phone you cant expect more. You can use it as a secondary device for calling & text messaging. Detel D1 is a single sim device which you can only use it for calling, text messaging. Also, it supports only 2G network.

I hope you guys are not thinking about its screen quality. A 1.44-inch display on which you can see your contacts and some other options. With 650Mah battery it can be used for 2 days. As it has very few features, it’ll not drain that much battery.

Detel d1 also comes with 1 year of manufacturing warranty. It’s nice that they are giving the 1-year warranty on a low priced product.


You can buy this phone from http://detel-india.com/product/d1/. After visiting the website you may think that this is a fraud as their website doesn’t have secure mark. But some genuine YouTubers have tested the phone and they’re also providing Cash on delivery option. So you do not have to worry about the scam.

Make In India?

I checked out their website and on about us page they’ve mentioned that their product is made in India. Well, it doesn’t mean that their products are made in India. Their products are just assembled in India. I think we should support such Indian companies as it looking like they are doing well.

So guys, if you need a secondary phone for just calling then you should definitely buy this world’s cheapest phone.

Hope you guys like this article about words cheapest phone.

Thanks For Reading.

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