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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 : Price, Specifications & Launch Date #DreamPhone

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 :

Some month ago Redmi note 5 and 5 Pro has been launched in India and now rumours for redmi note 6 are coming. But have you thought about this future phone? In this dream phone series, we discuss the phones which will come after some years. These phones can be an almost perfect phone for some. We would imagine price, specifications and launch date of Redmi Note 7. So let’s get started.

Also, there’s a question that ‘will xiaomi bring the 2 variants like regular note and pro’? Well, that depends on the launch of Note 6 which will be in 2019. May xiaomi continue the note pro series.

xiaomi redmi note 7 price specifications and launch date

Specifications :

If we look at note 5 Pro we could find some cons like Type C port, Fast charging, strong built, etc. Hope note 6 would overcome these cons. Since note series of xiaomi comes under a budget we cant expect flagship features like water resistance, wireless charging, etc. Here are the things we wanna see in this device.

On the display side, a Full HD display of 6 inches or below would be fine (without notch). Also, bezels should be minimal compared to Note 5 Pro. With notch or without a notch is everyone’s personal choice. Now coming towards built quality, the built of Note 5 pro is just average. Note 7 should be made of a metal like aluminium with better antenna lines at the back. other than that everything would be fine.

Next thing is software. Hope it’ll come with the latest version of Android. But it hardly makes any change to the redmi device as it comes with MIUI. This will not be a phone for those who are the fan of stock android or they may flash a custom ROM like pixel experience.

We are not sure but we may see processors based on 8nm/7nm technology in budget section in 2020. Thanks to MediaTek who is giving competition to Qualcomm. This should be the budget phone with which we should see memory option of 128gb too. Personally, for me and other users too, 64gb is not enough. That’s why brands do need to give an option to choose 128gb variant. Since it would be a budget device, we should see 3.5mm jack.

In the camera department, we would see a dual camera on back. But this time we would like to see a lower aperture upto f/1.7 for better low light pictures. What if we see dual cameras on the front as well. In 2020 definitely we’ll get AI features in budget devices too. So expect some AI capabilities in this device.

Xiaomi will not compromise on the battery as this redmi note series are famous for battery capacity and battery backup. So we may get a standard 4000Mah battery on this device. However this time it would be necessary to give USB type C and quick charging which we miss in note 5 pro. Other than that hope we will see other Small features with their upgrades like bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, etc.

That’s all about the specifications of Note 7. Hope we’ll get all such specifications in the device. Now let’s imagine the price.

Redmi Note 7 Pricing :

Redmi note 5 was launched at 10k for base variant and 12k for higher. But the greater Note 5 pro’s price was 14k which is been later changed to 15k because of high demand.

From this data, we could say Redmi note 6 (Note 6 pro) could be priced at something around 15k. So we shouldn’t expect Note 7’s price above 16k. 16k would be the best price tag for Note 7 (higher variant). That’s our prediction for price. What do you think comment below.

Launch Date In India :

As we seen this time, Note 5 pro launched in india first before china and pro name and same in china, it is named as note 5. So we may also see the same with note 7. It could be first launch in india with name as “note 7 pro”.

As mentioned many time in post, it’ll launch in 2020 as xiaomi update note series once in year. If this would not changed, then expect note 7 in 2020 in between march or April. Well that’s our thought on it’s launch date.

Hope you guys also wants the same features in this device and if you do then let us know in comments. Also, what different we should see in note 7🤔 Comment down. Thanks for reading.

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